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DATES: 25th of June - 27th of July 2021

Ultra Race: 54 km starts on 26th of June 2021 (Saturday) at 08.00
Light Race: (Half-Marathon) 21 km starts on 27th of July 2019 (Sunday) at 09.00
Short Race: (Labirynt Run) 4km start on 25th of July 2021 (Firday) at 20:00 
Start: Education Center of Stolowe Mountains National Park (former Hotel Karlow) in Karlow
Finish line: Na Szczelincu PTTK Refuge (1 km from the start line and the headquarters)
Headquarters: Education Center of Stolowe Mountains National Park (former Hotel Karlow), Karlow 10, 57-350 Kudowa Zdroj

The route follows the tourist trails in Stolowe Mountains National Park (Poland) and Broumovske Steny (Czech Republic). The routes are very technical with lots of rocks, curves and important elevation gains. They go by the marked trails and there will be additional route markers.

Distance: approximately 54 km
Elevation gain: +2400/-2300 m 
Refreshment posts: 5
Time limit: 10 h

Distance: approximately 21 km
Elevation gain: +1003/-886 m
Refreshment posts: 2
Time limit: 5 h

Distance: approximately 4 km
Elevation gain: +/200 m
Refreshment posts: 0
Time limit: 1h 30 min

With his/her race bib, each Participant will receive a bag for the deposit that the Organization will bring to the finish line (Na Szczelincu PTTK Refuge). We suggest to drop the bags the day before the race. Weight limit is 3 kg. Important: it's not permitted to leave any documents or valuable items in the bag.

You can enrol by filling in the electronic registration form available since 03th o fNovember 2020 (09:00) on our website or in person on 25th of June/27th of June 2021 (for SGS ULTRA / SGS LIGHT/ LABIRYNT RUN ) in the race Headquarters. Enrolments are taken on first paid, first served basis.

Maximum number of Participants for each race - 500 and 250 persnons on Labriynt Run race.
Check-in at the Headquarters is obligatory. The Participants have to come in person and present their ID.

The Races will happen no matter what the weather will be. If very difficult climate conditions occur during the race, it can get shortened. We also require the Participants to be able to asses the situation in the mountain and to react accordingly to the changing weather conditions.

You have to carry all the trash with you! You have to leave all the empty food packages, bottles and cups at the Refreshment Posts.
Disposable cups will not be available!
You are not allowed to leave any trash in the forest! If you fail to respect that rule, you can be disqualified.

There are time limits for each race:
Ultra Race 54 km - 10h
Light Race 21 km (Half-Marathon) - 5h

Short Race 4km (Labirynt Run) - 1h 30 min
There are also maximum authorised times between the Control Points, you'll find the detailed information about them in the folder RACES.

You'll find all the information about the classifications in the folder REGULATIONS.

The time will be measured through a chip attached to the Participant's shoe. While receiving their race bib at the Headquarters, the Participants will get a chip and the instruction how to attach it. During the races the Participants will encounter the detection mats that will record their time in the computer system.

The Participants have to return their chip to the Headquarters immediately after finishing the race.

For Ultra Race - on Saturday 29th of June 2019 at 19.00, next to Education Center of Stolowe Mountains National Park, former Hotel Karlow
For Light Race - on Sunday 30th of July 2019 at 15.00, next to Education Center of Stolowe Mountains National Park, former Hotel Karlow

We encourage everybody to support the Participants at starting and finish lines. If you wish to visit any of the Refreshment Posts, you have to follow the instructions of the race staff. Parking is permitted only in the designated areas.

The Organization doesn't provide the free accommodation, it's up to the Participants to find a place to stay.
The closest choices:
Education Center of Stolowe Mountains National Park, former Hotel Karlow (Headquarters),, reservations by email:
Hostel Szczelinka –
Pasterka PTTK
Centrum Lakowa (Radkow) –

There're also many other accommodation options available in Karlow (5 km), Radkow (15 km), Kudowa Zdroj (16 km ) and Duszniki Zdroj (16 km).


Fundacja Maratony Gorskie
Wrzosowa 11
57-350 Kudowa-Zdroj, Poland
Phone +48 513 423 887

and Eksploris Piotr Hercog with a big help of ZALOGA GORSKA Volunteers